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YiNMAK, which produces crushing, screening, washing and conveying equipments for the processing systems of mining, quarrying and industrial plants, is combining experience, technology and qualificated labor to keep the services it provide in the highest level. Our equipments which are used in the mining field processes and in the quarrying to produce concrete and asphalt aggregate, and in the producing of base materials of the railways and motorways are designed and is produced considering the work safety, ease of operation and maintenance. QUALITY POLICY YiNMAK's principle is to be at the highest class in the quality forever by using the developing technology and evaluating its customers demands and expectations. The quality policy of YiNMAK is to be the creator and not to be the follower of the devolopments in its field. OUR VISION Our vision is to become a company which keeps its staff and customer's satisfaction at the top level and being the locomotive leading to the front not to being following wagon. OUR MISSION Our mission is to provide a continuously increasing satisfaction of customers by presenting the best solutions to the customer's requirements in full and in time.
Ozfatihler crane machinery industry began in the early 1990s through the leading of founder Abdullah Cimen in Konya being candidate of the heart of the industry in Turkey. Our company proved itself in Turkey as a giant manufacturer starting from a small shop and targeted to prove Turkish technology to everyone in the world. Giving the service, after-sales customer satisfaction and feedback our company has also won the approval of its competitors.
Mutmak Makina, started to production of marble machines in 1990 for the necessity of industry in Bucak which is the world of travertine. As Mutlu Makina, the essential things are high operating safety in the system of marble cutting,carrying,calibrating and polishing and sensivity and reability in service and products. Besides its services and customer satisfaction, Mutlu Makina's prioties include human priority,power of knowledge and quality superiority.Our firm operating its business with the conscious that creating happy customers can be made through understanding their desires and problems and producing rigth and quality solutions for them. With the systems of marble cutting and carrying,polishing such as 4 ST Marble Block Cutting Machine,2 ST Marble Block Cutting Machine,VK 250 Compass Vacuum,BK 650 Cross Cutting Machine,Automatic Cross Cutting Machine,Trimming Machine,Block Revolving Machine,K3 Calibrating Machine, Multi Disc Cutting Machine,1+3 Moving Head Automatic Marble Polishing Machine and Slab Polishing Machine by which we carry out our production,we believe that we will produce special solutions for our customers in cutting of marble roks and their carrying.
Ege Atlas remains being the leading company in providing services and spare parts for overground and underground mining equipment and drifters since the year of its establishment, 2012. With 21 years of experience and experienced member of staff, EGE ATLAS launched two more brances in Ankara-Ostim and Izmir-Bornova in 2014 that expanded the company’s share in the market and added success to its operations. As EGE ATLAS, we revise and improve our quality management policy with accordance to the technological developments and the changing customer demands due to the change in the market and aim to become your solution partner with our nationwide services and high quality spare parts with low costs. In order to provide customers with high quality products, the parts get analysed first then the right production good is chosen for each spare part to be processed with high-sensitive machines. After the tempering process, the parts are stored in suitable conditions and delivered to the customers with special packaging.
Designing and supplying equipment and "turn-key" plants for the production of gypsum, gypsum plasters, dry mortars and plasterboards.
Sany Is Makinalari A. S. made "customer satisfaction" principle with over 30 years of experience in quality service with honest trade ethics, knowledgeable and experienced team. As Sany Is Makinalari, our company, which carries the "Quality First" approach in its relations with its customers, has chosen to be friendly with all the institutions, organizations and individuals and to keep its pre-sales and after-services at the highest level.
Mavijet Waterjet Cutting Technology, can process cold cutting of all kinds of materials (Glass, Marble, Granite, Ceramics, Aluminum, Plastics, Rubber, Wood, Mild Steel, Hardox, Titanium, All Composites, Clothing, Cake etc..) with low tolerances without causing electrical, chemical and optical reaction. Cutting process is 100% physical and is realized with the power generated by mixing highly pressurized water (up to 6000 bars) and abrasive sand.
Demiray Makine Metal Works continuously increases its experience and knowledge in the time period since its establishment. Focusing on customer needs, special products and system solutions, Demiray Makine is one of the innovative and successful companies in the domestic market in the field of spirals used in many fields of industry, especially used in machinery, chemical, mining, agriculture and food sectors. Our company manufactures special sizes, standard sizes of screw conveyors and cold-drawn screw conveyor.
Delkom CO., specialized on manufacturing spare parts for hydraulic/pneumatic rock drills, used in international mining sector, quarries and construction sector, is one of the leading players of its field, with 30 years of experience. With its high quality service, Delkom CO. is represented global rock drilling machinery market. Delkom CO., aims always to provide high quality in its field, gives service by combining its strong financial resources with its expertise on hydraulic and pneumatic systems. Delkom CO. improves always its manufacturing and supplying range which rock drilling machinery sector needed, by analysing its clients and Machinery sector’s needs, and offers solutions with minimum cost but maximum quality. Delkom CO. aims the best with a team of 60 people, with its 800 m2 closed area, with its high capacity machine park and with its confirmed quality management. Delkom CO. can manufacture and supply about 10000 different products and has capacity to manufacture 10000 pieces of products in a month. Delkom CO. manufacture and supply parts and give service for rock drills branded Atlas Copco, Sandvik, Furukawa, Ingersoll Rand, etc. Delkom CO. chose the Word” ready to supply” as key Word to reach the professional success.